Criminal law

RAAN’s criminal lawyers aim to defend the interests of our clients whether as a natural or corporate person , and whether the accused in criminal proceedings or the wronged party. We are committed to establishing a relationship of absolute trust, honesty and transparency with our clients, and to successfully pass through the criminal proceedings for an offense occurred in any field.

A lawyer is always available by calling our emergency 24h phone number: 93 238 41 76.

  • Preliminary investigation
  • Expedited Proceedings
  • Proceedings for cases in jury court
  • Proceedings for cases in juvenile court
  • Proceedings for minor offence trial
  • Proceedings for offenses of personal calumny
  • Proceedings for extradition
  • Proceedings in absentia against convicted persons
  • Appeals
  • Enforcement of criminal ruling
  • Abuse and sexual violence
  • Issues arising from marriage or couples separations
  • Economic crimes and crimes against property: scams, corporate crime, embezzlement
  • Crimes against persons
  • Crimes against the honor and privacy
  • Crimes within the family: sexual violence, family abandonment , abduction of minors
  • Crimes against traffic safety: driving under the influence, driving without a license
  • Crimes against public health: drug trafficking, environmental pollution
  • Professional negligence

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    We have developed our legal services in the areas of advice, ongoing consulting, management and prosecution actions on behalf of our clients, as well as drafting documents and necessary contracts.

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